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      HDPE Adirondack Chair



      The raw material of our products is made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). HDPE is a kind of durable plastic that is weatherresistant.



      Easy to clean, waterproof. Not easy splinter, crack,



      The raw materials are ecofriendly, 100% recyclable.



      Indoor or outdoor use, easy to assemble.

      We have many years of experience in

      outdoor furniture


      Established time


      Factory area

      55 +

      Number of employees

      6000 +

      Product model

      Our bestsellers



      Every process of the product is carried out in strict accordance with the international environmental protection requirements.



      Adhering to the principle “respect customers and product quality”, we win a great trust and favor from our customers.



      The sales network spreads all over the world and the annual output reaches 80 million.



      We are adjacent to ports and airports, and the export is very convenient.

      Folding picnic table

      Folding tables come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and designs. Folding tables are used in homes, schools, churches and other buildings with rooms for various functions. The folding table can be used for sitting activities and then easily removed and stored when an open space is needed.

      Desktop; pp
      chair size: 29.5*27*40CM
      aluminum tube; 15*30*0.6MM

      plastic skis

      Oversize skis

      Size: 118.5x45x13.5cm
      Box size: 121x46x35
      Net weight: 1730g/piece
      Plastic skis

      What client say about us.

      The materials are beautiful--well-cut

      I just assembled the first of 4 of these chairs that I ordered. Here are my first impressions. The materials are beautiful--well-cut and -finished--and it came partially assembled, which is very nice. Everything that was preassembled is on very straight. The chair is extremely sturdy and quite generously sized. I'm 5'3" and I need a cushion to make the chair feel like it fits me, rather than me feeling like a kid in a grown-up's chair. My 6'4" husband finds the size to be perfect. Overall I'm super happy with the quality, appearance, and comfort.

      Douglas Coggins

      Douglas Coggins

      Rockville, Md

      Thank you very much!

      Thank you very much!!!!!! Adirondack chair. I got it yesterday. It looks great. I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for your special work.I was able to assemble on my own with the included tools, though I used a cordless drill for some screws. It took less than 30 minutes and was fairly intuitive. The chair is sturdy and comfortable for me, a 280+ lb man. It folds easily and seems very durable, even in cold weather. I haven't left it out in snow or ice. The price was more than $100 cheaper than comparable chairs. I'm happy with my purchase.

      Katherine Ford

      Katherine Ford

      Akron, Ohio

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